Monday, October 11, 2010

Whiplash Injury Claim – 3 Things Which Claimant Must Not Admit

Most claimants are indeed aware of the things which they should not admit in times of making a whiplash injury claim, but they are still few claimants who are  unaware of the facts in filing a whiplash injury claim. This article has been made to help claimants of whiplash injury claim increase they chances of winning their claim and to get their full percentage of the compensation amount.

1 Never Admit That It’s Your Fault:
Yes, you cannot deny the fact that you are sorry for what has happened due to the accident, however you must never admit that the accident was your fault because it will only cause a lot of problems in your case. First of all, the whiplash injury claim will be denied, second, there maybe victims that you will have to compensate for the damages they have endured. If the claimant wants to admit liability to the accident then only do so with the guidance of your solicitor.

2 Do Not Get Yourself Tired:
After having a accident your body would have endured the impact and you would have most likely have had minor or severe injuries, however if you are fortunate to have just minor injuries you must not take for granted that the ability of your body to heal itself by getting yourself tired by trying to do things for example: trying to do shopping or going for a walk, in one way or another the doctor will advice you to rest since this is what you body needs at the initial stage of your accident. If you do not take the doctor’s advice then you will have to deal with the pain that you have due to the accident, and if you are experiencing new pain then you must contact your doctor or your local A&E hospital immediately.

3 Never Have A False Witness:
If the claimant would want to increase their chances of winning a whiplash injury claim, then they will definitely end up with the idea of hiring a false witness to testify for them in the court. This will not help your case but rather it will only led your case to being denied by hiring a false witness, and in the event that your false witness has to testify in court for something relating to your case and then does not connect with your part of the story, then this is the worst thing that could happen to your case and it will be denied in court. Remember that you have a solicitor beside you, never forget to consult them first on what it your plan, they will surely help you with any concerns to win your whiplash injury claim.

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